Rawdon Myers is skilled at expertly handling the most intricate pneumatic, electric and hydraulic systems. We have automated an entire filter plant, changed 96-inch sluice gates from manual to electric, updated 50-year-old 30-inch hydraulically operated cone valves to electric operation – on site.  We’ve even automated valves installed 100 feet under water.

Single-source solutions:

As specialists in valves, actuators and instrumentation & control systems, we are your turnkey resource.  So if automation requires upgrading your controls, RMI’s systems engineers and 24/7 service team provide a full spectrum of products, insights and skill.

Our automation solutions are user-friendly and designed to bring efficiency — automation makes older valves operate like new, more efficient ones. When we retrofit your existing valves with new operators that interface with automatic controls, you save the cost of new valves.

I’ve dealt with Rawdon Myers since 1990 and refer them whenever I get the chance.”
— Jim McDaniel, Superintendent, The City of Nicholasville, KY WTP

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