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Challenge: Partnering with a Responsive Valve Supplier

“Rawdon Myers supplies Cristal’s chemical plants with many different consumables. I would like to specifically detail their efforts to keep our business with the Dezurik Rotary Control Valve product line.

“Some brief background: Cristal utilizes the Dezurik RCV in many applications throughout our facilities, but we especially like the dependability and reliability in corrosive and erosive environments. Most of these applications happen to be hazardous and can be bottlenecks in our process, so they have a high level of visibility. Before Rawdon Myers took over the Dezurik line, the previous vendor was failing miserably at making valves and valve parts available to us within reasonable delivery times and they were offering minimal, if any, service. The service was so poor that we started replacing Dezurik installations with valves from multiple vendors, trying to find suitable replacements.

“Then along came Rawdon Myers. As soon as they took over the local Dezurik account, they immediately reached out to us to schedule a meeting to explain how they were going to solve our DeZurik RCV issues. They explained their path forward for restoring our confidence in the availability of this product line (even though they couldn’t affect the delivery or manufacture timelines). They listened to our issues and, understanding the shortcomings of DeZurik, put a plan in place to insure we didn’t feel these delays. To satisfy our orders, they started stocking parts and complete assemblies, especially the long-lead items. Through their hard work with this product line and others, Rawdon Myers has become a valued and trusted supplier for Cristal.”
— Tom Betras, I&E Engineer, Cristal