Automation Case Study

Rawdon Myers automated 12-inch trunnion-mounted, full port ball valves for the City of Nicholasville, KY WTP’s raw water intake. An added dimension of the project was the location of the valves: on the Kentucky River, an estimated 430 feet down from the plant.

The valves themselves open and close as the raw water pump operates. When the valves are closed, they need to hold back nearly 430 feet of water in a 12-inch pipe to protect the raw water pump and station. On this project, the valves were provided by RMI along with new gear actuators and mounting hardware to fit with existing electric motor operators to meet the requirements of the application. RMI visited the site, took the necessary measurements, designed the mounting hardware, sized the gear actuators and made sure everything would fit properly. These have been in service since 2015.

“I’ve dealt with Rawdon Myers since 1990 and refer them whenever I get the chance. They always have good ideas, work well with subcontractors and, most importantly, they respond quickly every time I call – definitely better than other vendors. Their technician who services our area is more than a business contact. He’s become a family friend.”
— Jim McDaniel, Superintendent, City of Nicholasville, KY WTP